Technology has been changing the way we live, learn and play. The pace of innovation continues to accelerate.

Based in Paris and London, 6Directions works to anticipate new, emerging technology trends, ultimately leveraging them to create solutions for the modern man and woman.

Our first offering is 6DStage. It focuses on some of the most impactful moments of your lives – the ones you spend on a stage addressing an audience to convey your message.

A high risk, high reward exercise you simply can’t afford to improvise.

To turn an average presentation into an excellent one, preparation and practise are key. But practising in front of your bathroom mirror is as efficient as learning to swim in your bath tub.

6DStage solves this using Virtual Reality.

We recreate the conditions of an orator addressing an audience, empowering professionals to become the next generation of inspirational leaders.

This is just the beginning.

Find out more soon.